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Vampire Bat

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 The Vampire Bat

     Do you know of an animal called the Vampire Bat, there are several types of them! When I was reading  Explorer Books: Jungles and Rainforests by Julie Andrews I stumbled upon an animal called the Vampire Bat. Jus its name fasinated me to research about the Vampire Bat. It only drinks a Tablespoon of blood from its prey. If you want to read more, there are only fourteen more chapters to read.

                                                             a realative of thevampire bat 


     The Vampire Bat is not just a bat. It is apart of the leaf-nosed bat family. The Vampire Bat is related to numerous types of leaf- nosed bats. Vampire Bats dont just go out from twenty minutes to two hours every night, they stay in groups called roosts. In closing, hte Vampire Bat has several different species of them!




     The Vampire bat is a very unusual looking creature. It looks like it has a pig nose, they can weigh up to half ounce to one and five tenths of an ounce, and their  wing span is six to eight inches wide. Their whole entire body is brown with fur. The Vampire bat can grow up to be two inches to three inches. Therefore, the vampire bat is so small and so cute! 

                                                                                                                                  a map of where you will find the vampire bat


                                                                                    IV. Location


      The Vampire bat just doesn't live in South America. They live in the South American Rainforest and dessert. The Vampire bat cannot live in a tempret area, but it does not migrate. In the South American Rainforest and dessert they range from Mexico to Central and South America. They live in hollows, caves,trees and buildings. Thus, it does not migrate in the ability of food.

                                                 this vampire bat is lapping blood from a tapir or a pig

                                         A vampire bat is lapping blood from a tapir or a pig.


                                                              V. I'm Hungry!


     Is the vampire bat hungey for you? no they are not hungry for you,but they do feed on Tapirs, cows, horses and sometimes pigs. They get their blood from an insision they make with theri razor sharp teeth, and slowly start to lap the blood from its victom. Consequently, don't ever sleep in the South American Rainforest.


                                                                      VI. Enemies


     Do you think the vampire bat has natural enimies? Well, it does! Its enemies are the owl, hawk, and eagles, but many young vampire bats are killed when they are eating because if their victim wakes up and .........SQUISH! Also farmers are an enemy of the Vampire bat too because they fear the bat carries diseases that will kill off the livestock. Mack the right decision don't go to Central and South America. 


                                                                      VII. Defense.


      I like to jump! The vampire bat has a very unusual way to defend itself. They do that by running like a spider and jumping like a frog. The male will defend its territory by chasing, pushing and fighting wandering males. I told you they have a weird way of defending themselves.


                                                                      VIII. Life cycle.


      Reproduction can happen at any time during the year, it can take ninety to one hundred twenty days until a baby is born. The young are called pups and only one  to a litter, twins are very veery rare. Pups will stay with mother for about a year. Pup are so cute whn they are little. For the Vampire bat life can be long or short; out in the wild they can live  to nine years, but in capitivity they can live up to twenty years.


                                                                      IX. Friend or Foe


     The Vampire bat is a Foe to the farmers, they carry diseases that can affect livestock and humans. Infection can spread rapidly andcause death. The Vampire bat can be a friend becaus of the anticoagulants found in its saliva; it may improve medical treatment, Guano (bat waste products) can be use to fertiize ground.


                                                       X. Rare, Threatened, or Endangered


     Will the Vampire bat survive from farmer and ranchers? The Vampire bat is threatened by  the farmers because they believe the Vampire bat carries diseases to their livestock, so they kill them. Also by the ranchers because of  the same belief.


                                                                      XI. Hit the Sack


     Do you know howt he Vampire bat sleeps ?  Well, it is nocturnal which means it sleeps during the day and it is active at night. They also sleeps upside down with their wings wrapped around themselves.


                                                                          XII. Environment


     The Vampire bat lives only in warm tempered areas. It has adapted to these areas due to the large amounts of food that is available . Their high metabolic rate keep them in warm climates.


                                                                           XIII. Habits


     Look at me now ! The Vampire bat will sleep in a roost of boy bats or girl bats. They also use echolocation to find their food, Vampire bat will land on the ground then walk up to the victim to feed.


                                                                      XIV. Your Interesting


     Take a look at me now! Vampire bat color is burnt amber with a light brown underbelly there nose is naked with pas with U-shaped grooves. It also has heat sensors in its nose to read temperature. Their front teeth are what they use to cut their victim so they can feed.


                                                                           XV. Bye Bye !


     Isin't the Vampire bat an awesome animal ? I think it is ! It is so weird how they only drink a tablspoon of blood.  Never fall asleep in thee Amazon Rainforest, you might get bit by the Vampire bat ! The Vampire bat says "Bye Bye !"     


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Tara B said

at 9:05 am on Apr 23, 2010

nice job, and i think the pic of the bat drinking blood from an animal is a pig on a farm

Paige C said

at 6:44 am on Apr 29, 2010

oh ok i didn't know thanks

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