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Army Ants

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An ant in your pants is fine but not this army ant. I came across this bug by liking all different ants. The word army ant just intriuges me a whole lot. I was shocked when I heard of the bullet ant. Throughout this story this bug is awsome for someone to read about. 

 leaf cutter ants carring leafs



Its so obvious what the relatives of an army ant is. Some relatives would be honey ants,leaf cutter ants,dairy ants,fire ants. Others could be bullet Army Ants on a logants. But army ants bullet ants may not get along. Also some ants could get along with each other. So far there are still almost thousands that I don't know about.    




Army ants are very interesting.They can release chemicals called pheromones to call the collums to collect anything they need. The army ants with the biggest maniblors are called soldgers or majors. Plus they canenject piosen into ther prey. But there are more to come.                                                 




Location,location, location what is the location of army ants? Army ants live in Southern Mexico. Also thy can live in Brazil. Plus army ants can live in Peru. I can't believe Army ants can live in so many places. 


Meal Time


Its time to feed with army ants. Army ants can eat birds, spiders, and wasps. Oh, did I mensen lizards, hogs, deer, and snakes.plus they can eat bedbugs and cockroaches. Who knew army ants can eat so much stuff.




Army ants enemies are spiders, anteaters, and jagaurs. Also dwarf anteaters could be a threat. People are always a threat, but so far the army ants have succseeded.




An army ant's best protection is their numbers. They will never back down from a fight. They work together and help each other. I think that is their best protection, each other.  


Life Processes


Their stages of life are uniqe. At first they start out as an egg. The second stage is larva.Last, the larva hatches and becomes a carnivoris ant. That is the stages of life for army ants and other ants.


Friends Or Foes


Are army ants friends or foes to humans? Humans are friends and foes. Their foes fortheir hurting techniqe. Their freinds for just keeping you alive. I can't beleive humans are freinds and foes toarmy ants.


Rare, threatend, or endangerd 


Army ants are not rare. They will never ever be threatend. Also thank godness that these army ants are not endangerd because these army ants are quite interesting. 


Snore Time  


Let us see how army ants sleep at night. They don't have mattresses like I and you do. They sleep on the ground like us with no bed at all with no blankets. 




Adaption isn't hard for any type of ants in the world. All they have to do is build a new ant hill and use the surroundings. But getting all the dirt acually might be a little difficult.


Killing Habits 


First, army ants pounce on their prey tp weaken it. Second, they inject poisen into their prey to kill their prey. Last, if that doesn't work they do it over and over again. 


Interesting facts 


Its so amazing what army ants can do to cross a gap or log. They attach to each other and make an ant brige. But you have to agree army ants are very interesting. 




Thus, that is the most amazing facts ever. How could you have everknown about all of this without me telling you everything. So thats all the totally awesome facts of army ants.








Comments (3)

Tara B said

at 9:16 am on Apr 22, 2010

nice job!

Marlon M said

at 9:16 am on Apr 22, 2010


William C said

at 9:17 am on Apr 22, 2010

good job
the army ant is very cool

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