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                                                                        I. Introduction

The amazing fish, the "Piranha", has many fantastic qualities and talents. When I first lfound this fish it interested me. I came across this fish by reading a booklet called Jungle Rain Forest. Also I was astonished by its furious and aggressive actions. As I researched, I found out that this is one of the most awesome fish ever!                                     The piranhas natural enemy. 


                                                                            II. Relatives

     There are many types of fish, but the piranha is much different. Its a part of the Charadie family. This fish is related to different tropical fish. A group of these fabulous fish is called a school. It's amazing how some are cute and look like loving fish, but are related to the "River shark".


                                III. Aren't I Cute?                                                                                               

     Did you know there are many different types of colored piranhas? Well there is, but the main colors are orange, black, blue and red. When you see it you'll think it looks very aggressive. The normal size of a piranha usually gets up to 15 inches long. When you see the colors and shape you better start swimming!          

                                                            IV. Location

     Did you know this amazing fish the piranha lives in the Amazon Rain Forest? Well it does, exactly around the Amazon River. This fish doesn't migrate. As well it only stays in the waters of the Amazon River. This fish has been living in the Rain Forest for a very long time and I hope it does for longer. 


                                                                     V. Meal Time!                                                           

     The piranha actually eats things that are up to 6 times its size! The piranha eats mainly small fish though. Also, while bigger animals (such as a cow) are drinking from the water, the piranha can actually drag the animal into the water and eat all of its flesh.   A tip -  don't be the one drinking the rainforest's water!  Piranhas get their food by attacking and eating their prey.


                                                          This is a piranha that has been caught. 


                                                                                    VI. Predators


     You probably think the piranha doesn't have much enemies because of its over aggressive actions, but it does! The piranha has a few different predators. One is called the Shark, a fierce fish can eat the piranha whole. Also and lastly the piranha has one more natural enemy. Which is the alligator that has leathery skin and its a close fight with the piranha. Those are very dangerous animals.


                                                                                      VII. Defense                                                                                                                                         

     A lot of fishes defenses are to run away, but not the piranha. The piranha fights back as defense! Usually the piranha wins the fight against most attackers. So when fishing be careful about this fishes defense maneuvers.


                                                             Piranhas have razor sharp teeth.


                                                                             VIII. Reproduction

     Not a whole lot is known about piranha reproduction. The normal amount of time for babies to be born is 2-3 days. There is hundreds in a litter or a spawn. Young piranhas are called piranhas and fries. These fish can live up to an amount of 10 years old. Unlike other fish piranhas have a 92% survival rate during birth.


                                                                            IX. Friends or Foes

     Aside the biting, piranhas are very useful to humans. Piranhas are used for food and its delicious. As well their teeth is used for a razor blade type tools. Did you know that you can even keep one as a pet? Piranhas are useful to humans aside from the myths surrounding them.


                                                                                             A close up on a piranha's face.


                                                                              X. Population

     Wow! That's a lot of fish! The population of this fish is huge! It reproduces so fast its almost impossible for piranhas to become extinct! These fish are very adaptable as well. Also piranhas are the biggest population of fish in the rain forest.


                                                                              XI. What the...?

     The piranha has many weird habits but these ones are cool! The animal sleeps with one eye opened! Isn't that strange! So when the piranha is being stalked in the waters he can see even when he sleeps.                                                                                                


                                               Two red bellied piranhas are swimming together.


                                                                            XII. Adaptation

     The piranha is one of the most adaptable fish in the Amazon. This fish can go to place and another without changing in aggressiveness. But if its out of the water and the tempature changes back to the original one the fish becomes very aggressive. A lot of fish go crazy but the piranha is very adaptable.


                                                                                 XIII. Habits

     As well the sleeping habits, piranhas do have other habits also. Like when it sleeps it sometimes floats away from where it was sleeping before. I personally think that's so weird! Also, another habit is that it is very fierce in new water. The piranha's habit are pretty epic.


                                                                           XIV. Interesting Habits

     As well the awesome actions of the piranha -  there are more!  Such as they have the sharpest teeth in the rain forest!  Also that it can devour a whole cow in just minutes! And lastly its a super fast swimmer. You must be saying now "Wow this fish is awesome!" Well it  is!                                                                                          

                                                                           XV. Conclusion Time!

     To conclude, overall I even learned a lot about this animal. I also hope you've learned as much as I did. Remember be careful while swimming in the Amazon River!


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