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I Introductionjaguar is starring at you

     Deep in the Amazonian you will find the king of the amazon which is getting ready to be extinct is the one and only the tremendous Jaguar.I discovered this sensational animal when i heard about the book "The Jungles Of The Rainforest".Also when i heard that it was the king of the amazon.Finally in amazed me by how its the biggest meat eating animal in the amazon rain forest.Well now while i show you thought out my report you will tell your friends gee this animal is epic.


II My Family Memberslog on top of jaguar

     Now here is all about the jaguar's partners.The jaguar's mom is about five feet tall.The jaguar's dad is about six feet tall.The understory and the forest floor is the part where the jaguars live. Yeah isn't that amazing how the male jaguar is bigger than a female . If you want to hear more about these tremendous animals just keep reading.


IIIAbout me!

     You learned alot about the jaguars family.now you will hear about a jaguar himself.One fact about these tremendous animal is that they are mammals.A second reason is that they are related to a six foot person.Last fact is that they live for exactly 12to15 years.Last info about them is that they may wiegh up to 100-250 lbs.


IV. Location,Location,Location

     i have told you enough about the jaguar itself but now here is all the information about where they live. Jaguars live in about almost all of Asia was full of jaguars but now they are extinct in Asia for the reason of not listening to the government saying not to kill the jaguars but they did and what is sad is that they didn't listen to the government.


V. My Lunch

     A jaguar's lunch like i like to say is very impressive when I tell you. You are not going to believe me but the jaguar is the largest meat eating animal in the world. It eats insects Capuchin monkeys, spider monkeys, sloths, harpy eagles, and human beings. Now you know that it can eat us to and this what all the jaguars can eat for there meal.


VI. Enemies

        When a Jaguar is near you make sure you bring anything to protect you because you will need it. Jaguars enemy a hundred percent is mostly people and alligators. Humans always kill them because they want to prove there manhood.That's the reason there's many jaguars left.Alligators are enemies to them because once they both get near each other they just want to kill the jaguar or the jaguar just wants to kill them.


VII. Defense

      My defense is really obvious but a jaguars defense is so rough with it's tremendous claws, strength, climbing skills, and speediness not even a human being can stop them.


VIII. My Babies

     A jaguar's babie(s) are black at first but once there getting older it turns to a real jaguars color. A jaguar has to feed there babies every day exactly like us isn't that weird?


IX Jaguars+Human

     A human and a jaguar getting along in your dreams.A jaguar wouldn't get along with a human being not even if you give them meat. Humans don't like jaguars either.Humans want to kill them but not me I like them.


X. My Population

     A jaguars population is not much there is only a few thousand of them. I know it is very sad but what do you expect people hate jaguars and jaguars hate people or anybody that crosses there way.


XI. Em barresing Moments

     A jaguars em barresing moments are just so funny.One em barresing moment of jaguars is that they sleep with one closed just in case someone comes to kill them.


XII. Environments Of Jaguars

     An environment of a jaguar is very complicated so let me explain to you about there stupendous environment. First they are new born (there babies). Then they begin to grow and there fur starts to get yellow with poquedots.        



     jaguar is sleeping 












































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