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Two-toed Sloth

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            A Two-Toed Sloth hanging in a tree.




    The Two-Toed Sloth is an amazing and fascinating animal known as the slowest animal in the world and also known for spending most of its time upsidedown.I heard about this animal by reading a story called Jungles of the rainforest which inspired me to research the sloth. In this selection you will hear some of the most unique things about the Two-Toed Sloth.                                     

 Two-Toed Sloth furry relative the Three-Toed Sloth                                                                             The Two-Toed Sloths relative Three-Toed Sloth


     Oh look, theres a Two-Toed Sloth in a tree around other furry animals. Well those furry animals are Three-Toed Sloths which are a bit smaller then the Two-Toed Sloths. And Two-Toed Sloths can live in captivity while the Three-Toed Sloths can't live in captivity. A group of Two-Toed Sloths are a bed of Sloths. So now if you see those furry animals at all those are Three-Toed Sloths.



     The beautiful and handsome Two-Toed Sloth has many different characteristics. The Two-Toed Sloth is a very furry animal its fur has many colors brown,white,yellow,and black. It has a little nose and a small mouth. The sloth is about 24 to 27 inches tall and weighs about 17.5 lbs. And Two-Toed Sloth obviously has two toes or claws. So isn't the sloth handsome?



     The slow traveling Two-Toed Sloth lives in Amazon RainForest in Brazil.Well believe it or not the Two-Toed Sloth moves around a lot.

It moves all the way from Guatemala all the way to Argentina. 


V.Time To Eat     

     Its been a little while and the sloth is ready to eat. If you did not now, the sloth actually does not eat much because the sloths body temperature is lower then most mammals and they they have less muscle which means less to eat. The Two-Toed Sloth does eat though tasty leaves,buds,fruits,and twigs. The sloth gets its food by grabbing leaves with its flexible feet and tough lips. Now you know how sloths get food and what they eat.

One of the Two-Toed Sloths predators the Jaguar 

One of the Two-Toed Sloths predators the jaguar.



     Well it does seem like sloths been most of there time in trees not always. When they are on the ground they have enemies. Those harsh and mean creatures are Jaguars,Harpy eagles and Anacondas. Even though it seems like a little predators they can a sloth really easily. So when you see those nasty creatures around a sloth be careful.



     When you look at sloths on the ground its look like they have no way of defending themselves but they do. They defend themselves by clawing and biting there enemy as much as they can. It is not much but it can keep them alive some of the time.


A little baby Two-Toed Sloth with its mother.           A newborn Two-Toed Sloth with its mother.   


     Did you know Two-Toed Sloths have babies in trees? The males and females only come together when they a going to mate. When the female is ready to mate she will let out a high-pitched scream in the middle of the night. After that the males SLOWLY go to the females. But if two males come together they start to fight until one backs down and leaves. Then the male who wins go's to the female, mates then leaves. After a month one little baby is born. Also if a baby gets drop or falls out of its mother the mother will not rescue its baby because its cry attracts a lot of attention. Most sloths live to 12 years long or maybe as old as 20 years old.     


IX.Human Friends

     The Two-Toed Sloths have a somewhat friendly relationship to humans. Now a days humans are hunting sloths and there population is dying faster and faster, but the sloths are true survivors.



     Sadly, the Two-Toed Population is 565 which is low. And the Two-Toed Sloth is endangered and  becoming extinct.



     Two-Toed Sloths have a strange way of sleeping. When they sleep they do two things at once avoid enemies and Sleep. They do this by the algae on there fur creates great camouflage for them. Which is nearly impossible for there predators to see in the dense rain forest.



     The Two-Toed Sloth has adapted to the environment. They have done it by the algae growing on there fur which makes them blend in with the rainforest. 



     The Two-Toed Sloths have some odd habits and they are good habits too. They can find food much easier while in the dense rain forest. They also can avoid predators a lot easier with there algae on there fur which is nearly impossible for predators to see.



         Two-Toed Sloths have some mind boggling characteristics. Did you know that since it spends so much time upside down its internal organs are upside down? And there hair runs from there belly toward the back. Did you know they have babies upside down? Oh My aren't those some pretty cool characteristics?



     I hoped you learned a lot on the Two-Toed Sloth. So if you ever see a furry creature like this you will know everthing about it. 



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Lea A said

at 7:08 pm on Apr 26, 2010

Wow I didn't know a Two-toed Sloth is so different from a three toed Sloth! Very good job!

Rachel W said

at 10:43 am on May 2, 2010

Very Good! I didn't know that Two-Toed sloths could grow moss on their fur to protect them.

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