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Spider Monkey

Page history last edited by Henry P 14 years, 1 month ago


                              Spider monkeys

Spider monkeys don't have eight legs or spin webs.one day I was watching  TV and I saw a spider monkey and, then my teacher Mrs Austin - Kieves said pick an animal to do a report on. I also became intrested by knowing theres a monkey that has the word spider in it. I wanted to find out more.

 Wolly Spider Monkey a family member of the Spider Monkey




Look at the spider monkey and others of its kind. The spider monkey is an amazing primate. A group of spider monkeys is called a troop.thats a lot of family





                                             CharacteristicsBlack Spider Monkey Siting

There are Many different kinds of spider monkeys the color depends on which spider monkey it is.

some spider monkeys have a white beard black body and read faces.


                                       LocationSpider Monkey lives in central and south America


The  spider monkey lives in southern Mexico to the Amazon rain forest. It eats rip fruit and nuts.That's a big habitat 


                              Reproduction                         Spider monkeys also have babies.It takes 7.5 mouth's for it to be born. spider monkeys only have one at a time.




The spider monkey is interesting. I wish I could go to th amizon to see a live spider monkey. but did you no that spider monkey got its name by when it hangs a sertan way it looks like a monkey


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Tara B said

at 8:50 am on Apr 23, 2010

great jod!

Amanda B said

at 5:00 pm on May 5, 2010

great job henry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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