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Boa Constrictor

Page history last edited by Hannah R 14 years, 1 month ago

I Intro.  Do you know about a snake that can grow 14ft long?Or can come in red scales?Well if you don't know everything about the boa constirctor, then I'll tell you about it.


 II.Family.First the family of the boa constrictor is the "Boiade" family.It is also the cousin of the anaconda which is 40ft tall!No wonder their cousins.


III.Looks.Next,it's all about looks,colors,and length.First it's looks, it looks likes a,well it looks like any long snake you see at your zoo.Now the colors of this snake scales can come in different kinds,such as red,yellow,green and tan.It can also come in different patterns like oval,jagged lined, and dimond.The length of this animal is 14ft tall...when it's an adult that is.


VI.Enemies.The enemies of the snake is human kind. Humans hunt the snake for its skin, meat, and to keep the snakes that they may put in museums on display.


VII. Defense. The snake may use its very sharp fangs to bite its enemies as a defense. It does not have any poison in the fangs.


VIII. Babies   The snake mates in the summertime. It can take five weeks until the babies are born. How many babies can they have at once? The answer is amazing. The boa constrictor can have from 50-60 babies in one litter. How long does the snake live? They can live up to 30 years. 


IX. Population. Now the next question is how many of the snakes are in the world? The answer is that the boa constrictor is endangered because of mankind poaching them for money. 


X.Sleeping. The sleeping habits of this animal is dayturnal which means it sleeps at night where humans can't find it. It sometimes can be found in trees or on the ground

 XI. Types.  Finally, there are several types of boa constrictors. They come in several colors including yellow, green, and red, and rainbow. The brazilian rainbow boa constrictor! 

XII. Conclusion. Now you know everything about the boa constrictor and don't worry, they can't swallow you! So when you go to the rain forest, have fun but be careful because it could still bite you.

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Rachel W said

at 9:08 am on Apr 22, 2010

this is a very well done web. I like how you did the web.

Sean C said

at 9:16 am on Apr 22, 2010


Lea A said

at 7:35 pm on Apr 26, 2010

WOW I didn't know the boa Constricter came in rainbow

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