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Table of contents:

I. Introduction............................1

II. Relatives...............................1

III. Look at me ..........................1

IV. Can you find the ocelot...........1

V. Yum yum yum......................1

VI. Can you guess who the ocelot wants to  hide from......1

VII. Beware: sharp claws& and teeth...................1

VIII. Family........................1                                                           

IX. Human and  Ocelots?...............1

X. Endangered  rare or theatened...............................1

XI. Nighty night....................................................1

XII. The ocelots weather........................................1

XII. What is the oceot use to..................................1

XIV. The oceots most interesting facts....................1



 ocelot full grown

                   This ocelot is full grown at 4 feet.

                   I . Introduction

        ME-OW!  Do you know about a harmless cat called the ocelot,wellthis cat maybe harmless but youdon't won't this cat in your house. I choose the ocelot when I was watching Big Cat Diaries on Animal Planet. As soon as I started learning about the spots on the ocelot and how they are never the same i thought wow this cat must have a lot of interesting facts! You will be razzled by everything about the ocelot not just about it's spots but about much much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                 II.  Relatives 

         There is a ocelot realaxing in a tree but, you don't see another in sight. The only time you will see 2 or 3 ocelots are when it's mating season. This small kitty is part of the big cat family the scientific name is lepardus pairdalis. Lepardus paordalis means painted leper ed, when you see two or three cats they are called packs. The ocelot is related to the  Jaguar  and all other wild cats. Here's a tip never chase a male ocelot you'll ne ver4 catch him you might catch a female with a lot of luck!!

                     ocelot on the hunt

                                                 An  ocelot  hunting for food, it might be agouti.

                                                                         III. Look at me !

           The ocelot has the most unique fur in the jungle. The ocelot is only two times the size  of a house cat it has the most unique spotted fur.  The ocelot is redish yellow and smokish peral with black spots that vary. the ocelot is 3 1/2 - 4 feet from nose to tail.  This  kitty is not that big but mite have  rage!

                                                              IV. Can you find the ocelot ?

             Ocelots are easy to find in a tree but you have to find the right tree first in the right place. Ocelots  live in Paraguay and a couple can be found in southern Arizona and Texas. The ocelot dose not migrate because were it lives the weather never changes.  The ocelot moves often  when ocelots go out for a hunt they rarely go back  to the same place. Next time you visited a  tropical place you should try to locate                                             hunting                                   He is staring into an enmies or preys syes. -.> 


  V. Yum, Yum , Yum!

              The ocelots favorite food is agouti, agouti  is a mice like creature. This kitty eats allot, they eat mice,wood rats, rabbits, snakes, young deer, and monkeys. When they hunt it hides in tall brush and then pounces and eats. It takes a long time to get it's food because it has to wait for the right moment to pounce.


                     VI. Can you guess who the ocelot stays a way from

                Ocelots don't have many enemies they kinda go with the flow.  The ocelot's two main enniemies are the jagaur and big monkeys. Jaguars are in the ocleot's family but, they are like bad cousins. Big monkeys jump down from trees and attack the ocelot. But these animals have to be quik to attack the ocelot.


                     VII.   BEWARE: sharp claws and sharp teeth   

                     You might think your house cat is wid but, this is noooooooo joke the ocelot  can be very fierce. The ocelot defends it's self it dosen't need help from anyother animal. It defends itsself with it's sharp teeth and claws their spots also help blend in  with the rain forest. The ocelot not like most cats swim and are great at swimming too!! So becarful u never know when it might jump out. 


                                     VIII. Family

                      Ocelot families don't stay together that long. The ocelot reproduces in autunm and that is probly the only  time you will see a group of ocelots. There are only 1-3 ocelots in a litter but at that age they are  only called kittens. Ocelots only last 10-7  years in the wild but, last about 20 in a domestic area. The ocelot will do anything for it's kittens so be carful.

         This ocelot is ready to leap for food.                              

   looking for food        IX.  HUMANS AND OCELOTS?

                              Well there is two ways you could look at this.  ocelot can be very goood house but they are also in a way scared of humans. If you have a ocelot as a pet they won't hurt you but if you have a gaint gun and your in the wild hunting for ocelot I'd be little worried the ocelot is very feirce .


                                           X. ENDANGERED, RARE, THREATENED?

                              The population of the ocelot is very low there use to be ocelots in many states but now there are only 80-100. South America has about a couple of thousnads. The sadest thing about this is ocleots are endangerded and it has been that way for many years. ocelots have been hunted all the way back to the aztecs and now they are hunted even more. They  have all ways been hunted for their  beautiful fur.


                                              XI. NIGHTY NIGHTY

                           You are some what safe during the day but at night watch your back. Ocelots are nocturnal they are asleep during the day somewhere in the trees during the day but they are out hunting another place at night. They have  big yellow eyes too see where they are going at night. I  honsetly don't recemend sleeping in the rain forest.        


                                 XII. THE OCELOTS WEATHER

                          The ocelot sometimes has to adjust to diffferent climts. The ocelot lives in dense areas so somtimes it has to adjust to how dry it's invirment maybe. The ocelot has thin fur since it live in a rather hot invirment. Another thing ocleots mihgt have to adapt too is if it gets put in a different side of the world it will have to get use too differetnt sun and moon times. Meaning it will have to adapt to when the sun comes up and down.


                       XIII. What the ocelot is use to

                     The ocelot is us eto so many things in its invirment in other words it has habits. The ocelot usle climbs tree and sleeps during dayand at night hunt arond for food.  Another thing the ocelot is use to is it dosn't eat their food they tare their food. The ocelot is use to hidding in high briush to hunt . The ocelot also  is use to rocky  or dense areas. those are the ocelots habits. 



                         The ocelot has some of the most interesting facts such as it has been hunted all the way back Aztecs. The ocelot maybe the smallest cat rain forest but it has big feet. Another thing is this cat maybe small but,

 has a huge appetite. The ocelots fur is used for all different things in South America such as blankets and clothes that in cludes shoes. 

                     XV. ADIOS[BYE] 

                I    hope you learned alot and enjoyed this rearch report! Remember if you get money on your birthday i'd save up because you can eirther purchase an ocelot or you can help them by donating money! Another reminder  becarful in when your in the rainforest and look fo rthe ocelot!                               

  A playful kitten is waving bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                  




Schiliter duan.a "ocelot". world book 2007


htp// www. kids planet.org

htp// www. national geographic.com


                                                                                            BY VICTORIA LUCIANO

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Andrew D said

at 9:07 am on Apr 22, 2010

Great job Victoria!!!!!

Mathius M said

at 9:10 am on Apr 22, 2010


Paige C said

at 9:15 am on Apr 22, 2010

nice job! I never knew the ocelot was as big as two house cats.

Tara B said

at 8:56 am on Apr 23, 2010

the ocelot is very cool and you put in nice pics, and deatail.:]

Lea A said

at 7:32 pm on Apr 26, 2010

your right after reading your website I do not want that cat in my house EVER!LOL Great pics

Victoria L said

at 6:43 pm on Jul 21, 2010

thank you all of yours came out great too.

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