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Poison Dart Frog

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A yellow poison dart frog is sitting on a log. 


                           If you go deep into the amazon rainforest you can see an interestinganimal.The animal is Clad the poison dart frog.The poison dart frog has many diffrent colors like, light yellow, light green,light orange and many other colors to warn off predators.The poison dart frog holds deadly liquid in it's skin. This is a amazing animal and I think that you might like this animal.

                 The poison dart frog hibernatesduring the winter.The poison dart frog eats insects,worms,slugs,snails,and spiders. The way the poison dart frogs cach their slippery prey is by using their front legs to grab their prey.The poison dart frog wipes off all of the slipry stuff off of them.Then they eat their prey.The poison in the frog can be used as medicine for people


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