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Blue and Gold Macaw

Page history last edited by Summer V 14 years, 1 month ago

                                                 Blue and Yellow Macaw

 A Blue and Yellow Macaw                                                        I.Introduction

  In the South America Rainforest there is a bird called a blue and yellow Macaw .Did you know that there was Seven Diffrent spices.I picked the Blue and Yellow Macaw because I was amazed by  all the colors they can be. When I picked the macaw I found so much amazing facts about the Blue and Yellow Macaw.I think Macaws are the best.Throw out my journey I learned amazing facts about the macaws and I hope I learn more.


                                                          II Family

  First I am going to  tell you some things about there family. The animals that the macaw is related to is Cockatoos and Lorries.Another thing is the family it belongs to which is birds .The  last thing is the group name is birds.There is a lot more thing I have to  tell you about the blue and yellow macaw hope you enjoy.


                                                 IIIAbout the Macaw

     Secondly your going to learn about how it lookes and how big is it.It lookes like a blue and yellow bird.It is thirty four inches long.The tail alone is twenty inches long.Here comes  a lot  more.


                                                          IV Habits

   Next you are going to hear about its life. It lives in the Tropical South America. The blue and yellow macaw dose migrate.It migrates by going to the far south.The macaws range is five.You are going to learn about a lot more

 What the Macaw Eats                                                              V.Food

  Here  is what it eats and how dose it gets its food.They eat Fruits, seeds ,nuts ,and other plants matter.It gets its food by going in the trees to get the fruit.Any seeds that are dead in the ground they eat. The nuts they get off the ground.  But the baby's meanly get the seeds. Here comes more.


                                                   VI Enemies

   Fifth you are going to learn about there enemies and how they defend themselves.There enemies is an McKeena.There is  a lot   more you need to know about macaw.You should not stop now.



   Sixth is how it defends itself.  It defends itself by letting the McKeena get closer hits it with its wings and then flys up in a tree.Here  is some more.

 A Baby Blue and Yellow Macaw


   Seventh I am going to tell you about reproduce.The Macaw reproduces once every year.After  a baby is born the Macaw has to waite one year to have more.The  Macaw  only has two eggs a year. The young are  called siblings.The life expectancy is they only  stay with there mother for eight weeks then she will leave. There are a lot of amazing facts about the Macaw.



  Eighth I'm going to tell you there relationship to human bengies . If a Macaw sees a human it will fly onto your arm and peek with its beck and see who you are.That is all Macaws will do to humans.Now here is some more information.



     Ninth I'm telling you the population of the Macaw and is it rare,threatened or endangered.There is about 3,000 Macaws. The Macaw is endangered because a lot of Macaws get killed for there beautiful feather and some get tooken so they can  be sold in pet shops.I only have to tell you four more facts about the  Blue and Yellow Macaw.

 A Blue and Yellow Macaw Sleeping                                                          XI.Bed Time

  Tenth you are going to learn about there sleeping habits.There sleeping habits are that they are awake in the day searching for food and they sleep at night.Now i only have there more thing to tell you.



Eleventh I am going to tell you how the Macaw adapted to the climate to keep warm. Now I have two things to tell you about the Macaw.



    Twelve I am going to tell you about there habits.Which are waking up in the morning leaving  there nest  and coming back before sun set.Those are the Macaws habits and I have one more thing to tell you about the Macaw.



  Lastly I'm going to tell you about intersting characteristics about the Macaw.One fact is that they can be so many colors and the second one is that they can only have one baby or two baby's a year That was the last thing i had to tell you about theBlue and Yellow Macaw.



   Wow! That is  a lot  of information about the Macaw There are so many colors and Macaw can be.I did not know there could be so much to learn. Hope you enjoyed it.


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these macaws are beutiful

Tara B said

at 9:17 am on Apr 22, 2010

you did a very good job.

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at 10:46 am on May 2, 2010

Wow! This jaw-dropping bird is an informational bird! Great job!

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