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Common Squirrel Monkey

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                                                                  squirrel monkey in a tree searching for food                            

                                                               A squirrel monkey in a tree searching for food.

 I.  Intro                      

      If you read about the squirrel monkey, you will be fascinated by everything it can do! I came across this animal by reading a article on google about monkey's then I found the squirrel monkey! If you want to be fascinated by something amazing, then read this article!                                                         A squirrel monkey in a tree               

                                                       A squirrel monkey watching it's prey. 

II. Family History 

       You may think that squirrel monkey's are related to ALL monkeys, but their not! When squirrel monkey babies are born the mother usaully chases the father away. They usaully talk to each other by making different sounds. Dont you think the squirrel monkey family is fascinating?


                                                     A squirrel monkey family searching for its prey               A squirrel mokey family finding a home.                                                   

II. Arent I Cute?  

         The squirrel monkey is a bunch of colors and is very amazing. The squirrel monkeys face is white with a black ring around its mouth ( looks like a clown). Its back is ashgray or red-brown with shades of gold or olive. The throat,face, and chest are white or light yellow,  and the feet are yellow or redish. It has a black and gray nose and light colored fur around its eyes. Isnt the squirrel monkey so colorful?


IV. Location                        A squirrel monkey and its baby searching for food.

           There are two places the amazing squirrel monkey is located. The squirrel monkey is usaully located in the canopy because it sleeps there. It is also located on the forest floor where is searches for its prey. Isnt the squirrel monkey located in amazing places!


V. I'm Hungry                         A squirrel monkey in motion.

      The squirrel Monkey has a very good taste of food, but not for everything! The squirrel monkey eats alot of insects. The squirrel monkey's favorite food is the fruit which it finds in the canopy of the rain forest. For the squirrel monkey, ninety percent of its diet is soft tropical fruit. Doesnt the squirrel monkey  have a good taste ( but not for the insects)!



VI. Enemies

       The squirrel monkey has only a little bit of enemies. The squirrel monkey's number one enemie is the jaguar (king of the forest). One of its most dangerous enemies is the harpy eagle which tries to eat the squirrel monkey. Isnt it sad how the squirrel monkey has so many dangerous enemies??


VII. Protection 

         The squirrel monkey has alot of interesting ways of protecting itself. One way the squirrel monkey protects itslef is by climbing up a tree and hiding up there until the enemie gives up. It also protects itself by blending in with its surroundings. Doesnt the squirrel monkey have interesting ways of protecting itself?


VIII. Reproduction

         For the squirrel monkey reproduction is the same as every other animal. The squirrel monkey makes a baby by doing a loud screech noise to attract male squirrel monkeys, and when the male heres the female's screech the male finds the female and they start mating.I would say reproduction is the same for every animal!


IX. Friends or No!

       Truly, i think the squirrel monkey and the human have only a couple of things in common. One thing that the human and the squirrel monkey have in common is that the squirrel monkey and the human both have  only two eyes.Another thing is that their reproduction is the same. Dont you see how they dont have  alot of similarities?


X. Who's Who?

        There is not alot of squirrel monkeys left but luckily theres a couple thousand. For the squirrel monkeys there is ONLY 100,000 left because the squirrel monkeys are endangered. I wish that there were way more squirrel monkeys left because they are not hurtful they are harmless little monkeys.Isnt it sad how there is barely any squirrel mokeys left because people and their bulldozers are cutting down trees and killing most of them?


XI. Night, Night

       To me I think that squirrel monkeys sleep a little different from how we sleep.When squirrel monkeys sleep they usaully climb a tree and find their family and they all cuddle together. They also sleep by climbing up a tree and sleeping on their stomach.Didnt I tell you that squirrel monkeys sleep a little different from us?


XII. Survival

        Squirrel monkeys DO NOT migrate. Squirrrel monkeys are VERY VERY active but they DO NOT migrate, they only stay in one spot to search for food and to maybe find a new home.Like i said Squirrel monkeys are active but they do not migrate.


XIII. Habits

       The squirrel monkey has a couple of habits but I like one the best! One habit the squirrel monkey has is that it can hold two babies on its back while its eating at the same time.The one I like the best is that it can balance on its tail while its walking on a branch!!! Isnt that so cool how it can balance on it's tail???


XIV. Me,Myself,and I

   The squirrel monkey has only a couple of special features. There is one special feature that might make you laugh and it is that the squirrel monkey's face looks exactly like a clown!Another feature is that its back is reddish brownish and is very pretty.Didnt I tell you that there were only a couple special features,but werent they awesome!!


XV. Conclusion

         Therefore, I hope you enjoyed this wonderful article that I made about squirrel monkeys. I hope you liked how the squirrel monkey protects itslef and how the squirrel monkey can balance on its tail.Well i hope you enjoyed because i did!







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Lea A said

at 9:05 am on Apr 23, 2010

Great job Julie very suprised keep up the good work

Amanda B said

at 5:02 pm on May 5, 2010

excellent job!!!!!!!!!! love the pics :) ilyaas

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